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The Perseverance is born.

Maybe all blogs are born with a standard ‘Welcome to my blog’ post. Maybe not.

I’ve decided to call my blog ‘The Perseverance’ for a number of reasons.

Firstly it’s the name of a pub in London, I always liked it as a name for a pub. When we would drive as a family to my grandparents house, we would drive past the pub and it always stuck in my brain.

Secondly, it seems apt as it will take perseverance to update this blog continuously!

Thirdly, I quite like the way my fingers navigate across the keyboard to spell it. Strange i know.

So what will the blog be based around? Hopefully a snapshot in to my life. Encompassing happenings, thoughts, stories and inspiration i collect of my travels.

I have attempted a blog before but i’ve also tried to learn how to iceskate before. The exact same thing happened. I had lessons with a trainer when i was young, maybe 10 or so. Me and my sister would attend an hours session in which we would attempt the rudimentary basic principles of skating. Lucy was infintly more graceful than me and infintly more eager to learn and please. I, on the other hand, took one look at the other kids with their triple axles and fancy footwork and thought ‘man, if their like 7 years old and already doing this stuff, what hope in hell have i got?’.

So i gave up. Moved on to another interest (the flute – if you were wondering)

So the same happened with the blog, I used it when the moment struck. But never as an ongoing project.

So wish me luck in my endeavour to finally stick to what has been an enduring passion. To write.

There are many people who blog or write, some deep and harrowing tales, some light and inspirational. Some even achieving status in the media.

Just how personal do you go with a blog? i don’t suppose there are any rules.

But i don’t want to just use this as a springboard of virtual therapy. But if i stray from my brief……………..please forgive.


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