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 Everything looks so much rosier when the sun is shining, and as I walked past the ‘The old fire station’ in Hammersmith I couldn’t help but notice this place for the first time!

The sliding front doors were open to reveal what looked like a scene from someone’s living room. All odd chairs, low sofas, rugs and cushions. Mirrors and pictures on the walls, with a palette of neutral black, beige and brown leather mixed in with accents of vibrant yellow and pinks.

This was my thought process.

Wow, looks like someone’s living room! Hang on a mo – who has a living room like that? What average person has a living room that looks that cool?

Ah – it’s like the perfect edgy, design, feature page living room of some impossibly cool 21yr old who lives just off Ladbroke Grove.

But still, in the sunshine you could sneak a peak to their outside courtyard and it looked lush. I want to go just to try the cocktail sausage and mustard selection! I also don’t think i’d feel out of place for ordering my usual summer tippple – half a bitter shandy.



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