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Sew Amazing…

I was told about an amazing place in east London called Sew Amazing. And you guessed it – it was sew amazing.

trying get more adventurous/knowledgable about the whole sewing machine shizzle  and purchased some zipper feet from Robb at the shop on Roman. Taking in to consideration I was majorly hung over and barely walk (flip flop sores), I managed to listen up at Robb’s amazing stories about who he’s worked with/for over his career so far. Also some very handy tips on how to use zipper feet.

I think I may need to check my machine in for a service, So when I can shlep it down there, I will!

Roman Road is somewhere i’ve been near (ie For Pie and Mash in Bethnal Green!) but never really venutred down too far, but it was like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What can be found is still a good old thriving east end market, local kids hanging around knocking on pal’s doors asking them to come out to play and just a sense of old fashioned life.


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