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Nothing gives you more self esteem


 Rigby and Pellar, corsitiers to the queen. You never worn a bra like it. omg.

No tape measure involved, just a quick glance and off the assistant trotted to dig some of the most equistite brassieres i have ever clapped eyes on. (the price tag almost made me weep)

She returned with a lacy black number and as i placed myself into it, she gently arranged my chest while i gasped at my reflection. This was not me in the mirror! The person staring back agog, smiling like a 3 yeard old wearing nail varnish was sleek, streamlined and looked -dare i say it – just right.

My jaw also dropped to the floor when she told me the sizing of it. I know it’s cliche to say that most women wear the wrong size bra for most of their lives. But i’ve lost 4 inches on the back size and gained 3 cups sizes…..I can only assume magically!

I did think to myself  ”Maybe i’m only this size in R&B!” – but no! I’ve tried others from good ol M&S and it’s the same result!

All i can say is B-A- utiful.

And it was all thanks to the supreme style icon that is my Aunty Kathy (aka – The godmother)

It’ s not often and not altogether a pleasant time spending a complete working day trapsing around the shops, but with Aunty K, it is and always will be a joy. Besides she’s the only person who doesn’t remotely get fed up/pissed off/worryingly suicidal at the reality of shopping with me. ”Does it make my arms look big?”, ”What about my flabby bits under the arm?” ”Does blue suit me?” The list goes on……

We had lunch at ‘The Real Greek”, yummy chicken souvlaki and with the sun shining, eating alfresco, we easily imagined ourselves on a greek island. More Mykanos than Rhodes.

So big up to Aunty K (who incidently turns 60 on Tuesday) Happy Birthday!!!


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