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Love is a woman’s work.Women are to be fallen in love with. When we discuss the great tragedies that can possibly befall a woman, once we have discounted war and injury, it is the idea of being unloved, and therefore unwanted, that we wince over the most.

Elizabeth I may have laid the groundworks of the British Empire, but she could never marry – poor, pale, mercury caked queen.  Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful, successful millionairess who lives in a beach house in LA and will never have to stand in a queue to post a pair of boots back to Topshop’s online return department with a head cold – and yet her entire thirties were written off as the decade in which she just could not keep hold of first Brad Pitt, and then John Mayer.  Princess Diana – so unlucky! Cheryl Cole – lonely! Hilary Swank and Reese Witherspoon – got those Oscars, but their husbands left them!

Language tells us exactly what we think of the unattached woman – it’s all there, in the difference between ‘bachelors’ and ‘spinsters’.

Batchelors have it all to play for. Spinsters must play for it all and fast.

The market demand tells you a woman’s value: if she is single, she is unwanted, and therefore – should this state of affairs go for any length of time – less desirable. So given the importance women know is attached to them being attached, it is little wonder that women are obsessed with the idea of love, and relationships. We think about them all the time. Sometimes, when I tell a man about the way women think about potential relationships, they start to look very, very alarmed. Discuss the same thing with women, however, and they will give a shamed bark of recognition.

”How to be a Woman” – Caitlin Moran


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