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Someone asked me recently what I like to do.

”What do I like to do?” I replied. The usual stock answers rolled off the tongue.

I like reading, listening to music, writing etc.

I also like to go for walks.

They said ”So you’re a deep thinker then.”

They didn’t say it like it were a dirty word, just a casual fact. But there was no denying the slight roll of the eye. (FYI – Don’t think you can crack this nut)

So here’s to deep thinkers, procrastinators, thought trawlers, daydreamers, people who are coo coo catchoo, the people who go to bed a little early for a nice long think. (maybe just me then?)

I for one, would rather being a ‘deep thinker’ than a ‘shallow thinker’.

So raise a glass or cup….or mug – whatever you use to toast a happy circumstance. Toast yourself in honour of thinking.

Thinking about the past, the future and all those significants around you. Embrace the crazies, the imagination within you and just think of it this way… are fine tuning your brain in such an incredible way, evolving as a person and creating who you are.


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