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90s Heart

Who else is loving the revival of all things 90s?

It’s been banded around recently in fashion and design and this is definitly a chance to delve back into the 90s……but look cool with it.

What do I love about the 90s and it’s revival? The grunge fashion, license to feel angst and band music.

Check out my latest outfit to complete the mood!

All mostly from H&M, apart from the boots which are Rocket dog. Classic denim shirt worn with a black mini, black tights, chunky boots and amazing new sheepskin biker jacket. All I did to complete the look was wear my long shaggy sun kissed hair, in a grunge ‘just rolled out of bed, took some crack last night, I don’t give a fuck’ look. Eh voila!

 Worn recently to an amazing gig at Scala to see King Charles – who was amazing in an epic legendary way. Think the second coming of ‘Prince’.

Truly one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to!

A chance to relive my teen youth but look wayyyyyy cooler!


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