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My mum said

”You’re not young anymore nancy…’re the wrong side of 25… can’t go off galavanting like you used to. You’ve got panda eyes, you’re rundown, you can see it on your face”


Although I am shattered. Today was the first time in a couple of weeks that I’ve left work on time and come straight home.

After a really shite day at work, this was exactly the kick in the teeth i needed. Nuff said.

I was pondering over whether to help myself to a huge bowl of vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce and mini celebrations scattered on.

But I’ve saved some calories by just having the celebrations. Yay me!

I need wholesome goodness. Cleansing, energising, pure wholesome goodness.

Maybe brown toast….and some fruit.

You can get that in liquid form right? some kind of vitamin drink?

maybe just take some A-Z pills.

maybe just drink more water.

maybe it’ll sort itself out with a good nights sleep.



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