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Sofa/cleaning day

Got up,woke up naturally, stretched out, cup of tea, fed the cat, dishwasher loaded, washing machine whirring, kitchen tidy.

Tidy up, sweets eaten, telly on. Spoke with Kristina. Clothes sorted, Iron set up, more sweets.

Bowl of soup, watched Casablanca, ironing, more sweets. More washing, tidying. Fed the cat. More sweets. ordered and ate curry – yum.

Spoke with Shiv and Nicola. Watched the golden compass, more sweets, blog, blog, emailed and spoke with work about breakfast meeting tomorrow.Foot maintenance.

More sweets, watching Hitch. I would looooovvveeeew to be Eva Mendes.  Gratutious daily mail sidebar of shame, checked in on blogs. Still need to make bed. Have literally not seen a soul all day, . Got a good amount research done. rubbish out.

My ‘esther’ styley blog post done.


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