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ch ch ch ch change

I wonder what the pyschology is behind change within us.  When the human race has seen millions of years of evolution unfold, why do we resist change now?  What helps us to accept change within our lives?  Where do we truly find the courage to accept change and live our new adapted life?  Do we all hanker after the past with rose tinted spectacles?

There is clearly a well troden neural pathway within us that we choose to travel down, each and everytime reality bites.  I could drive blindfolded down my particular daydreamey highways. More often than i care to mention.  What feels like a suspended moment of pure perfection is actually the 15 minutes i’ve lain in bed being late.

I’m a day dreamer, a night dreamer, a train dreamer, a bus dreamer……give me 5 minutes anywhere and my mind drifts.

To the past, to the future.

I’ve read books such as The Secret, Paul Mckenna’s how to be thin and a fair few ‘self help’ books inbetween.  I’m also starting ‘A new earth’ and they all talk about visualisation techniques. Visualising a scene, slowing it down, speeding it up.  Making the colours brighter, weaker. Changing bits, changing the ending. Anything you want. Anything to reaffirm your wish.

Maybe this is what i’ve been doing without realising. In essence, reaffirming all the dreams.  My well trodden neural pathway has been trodden down so much it’s now a deep trench. A trench so deep I can’t see over.

I think of people, places, different times, different eras.

I think of love, I try to remember love. I try to hold that feeling  within me, I try to make it last. I try let it sustain me.

Until I have another spare 15 minutes……to top it up.


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