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Friday part 1

After running errands for work (nearly falling asleep at Hackney service centre – handing in a TENS) I returned to work to tie up loose ends.

Not long after H grabbed me for a jaunt into cool Hoxton for some eye-popping (way too cool for me) places.

First up a secret un-marked cocktail bar called ‘Happiness forgets’ in Hoxton square.

We plonked ourselves at the bar, while H gave me the low down on the concept, decor and cocktail magic making. There’s a list but we chose to let the (vvv hot) cocktail boys create something for us. I explained I was an old lady at heart, so preferred gin, sherry and port based cocktails.

Whilst chatting away, our cocktails were served and with a flick of a wrist so sharp, my head snapped to catch it, they were ready to sample.

First up a light, gin and dry sherry cocktail, lemony in colour and d-e-l-c-i-o-u-s. You can easily imagine drinking several of these without realising your drinking alcohol

Second up a brew of Talisker, cherry and port  – too heavy for my tastebuds to handle, I’m no whiskey conisseur so it took all my self control not to be overpowered! But lush to sip on.

I love that it’s small and cosy inside with a really unpretentious atmosphere. The staff are so attentive, how often is it you can spend a friday night in a non heaving cocktail bar with a undivided service?! There’s seat room only, so no annoying 3 deep queue.

Low lighting, very cool background music that was just loud enough and the feeling of being tucked away from the trendies of east london – Happiness forgets makes a great intimate place to meet and guess what – feel


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