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Tuesday part 1


Tuesday was a much better day creativly after working with Aaron our plant/flower supplier on some ideas for new pots/plants for tables and the piano at The Book Club.

After showing me the samples he’d brought (dreadful), he whipped out his ipad to take me through some examples of his offerings. The conversation ran along the lines of

a) that display looks like it should be in a spa

b) that one in a thai restaurant

c) and that one – in a corner of the communal lounge of an old age home – to brighten up the room of course.

The sample looked liked something less of ‘english country side’ and more of ‘acceptable funeral offering’. And it was huge!

I don’t think i’m alone in saying that Lily’s are funeral flowers? Aaron assured me that was ‘more of a european thing’ – yeh right!

So after my pithy remarks, all said with half groan/half banter, he was sent away with fresh ideas and a new challenge. Think less flower display, more plant, just grabbed from the garden and shoved in a pot kind of thing. Please don’t make it symetrical.

Don’t worry he was charmed by my remarks and freely admitted to being so! lol

He can’t wait for the next meet!

Pics to follow soon of selected looks!


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