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Tuesday Part 2/Thursday

Made tracks to Islington after work to get the kids involved in the latest exhibition at The Book Club.

In  collaberation with illustrators and for the NSPCC, Jason Kerley (curator extrodinaire) the exhibition entitled ‘RAAR’ explored childrens ideas of monsters!

Given printed illustrations of various images they had to take over and fill in faces/heads to complete it!

With 20 kids to get through in about a hour at cubs, i rushed them back to work in readiness for display!

I explained to the kids individually who the NSPCC were and what they do and everyone was willing!

There were the usual suspects – frankie, having no confidence at all, issac having all the confidence in the world (but slightly lacking the artistic talent!) and ickle susie drawing EXACTLY in the lines with pretty purple colours! So proud of them and the parents were equally as excited!

I raced down to the Business design centre to pick some last minute prints for Jase, got weirdly chatted up in the lobby (weird ya ya type with a flat cap – trying to be oh so trendy called Paul who escorted me to the shop within the building).

I stayed on at work for the launch to help as best as i could with the set up, trying to lessen the stress if anything, but generally admired the turnout for the event and had a couple of drinks!

The kids showing of their handiwork!


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