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A quick dash across the solent to visit bestie Susannah, Jason and wee pepper the dog.

i uploaded plenty pics last time so I didn’t take so many this time.

needless to say it was a welcome break. My brain and body froze, quite literally.

I remember sitting in the easy chair upstairs, literally unable to move, even my head.

Fry ups, walks in to Ventnor, more food, chats, coffee, more food.

Big ole Party on saturday night to give the kids a send off from the Isle of Wight.

Which we’ve now decided is extremely lame o – island full of pot holes and weirdos – offically.

We visited a most splendid tapas restaurant in Ventnor……please read the review posted by one of our trio!

We visited end of January 2012. I had built up a high expectation due to local reviews and recommendations, and we were waiting for a good opportunity to visit. A friend from the mainland popped over, perfect excuse to show off what Ventnor has to offer! Being a fan of foods from foreign lands, this was my moment to experience something abit different on the Isle of Wight.

We were very disappointed. Music was clanky, the atmosphere was tense (it didnt help that the table adjacent to us were argueing!) and the ambience was unusual. On a positive note, there was plenty to offer on the menu that seemed vaguely “spainish”, sadly the back of the menu deflated any enthusiasim with digs at anyone who smoked and ate chips (not that we do either, but still!) It contains cancer causing chemicals – as if we did’nt know that already. We placed our order, gave back our menus (that could do with new spines and sleeves) and waited eagerly for our dishes to arrive. After hearing (and reading) great reports on the home-made Sangria, a jug arrived that was just souless and overpriced. Dishes arrived.. oh dear. Flavourless, uninspiring, and tasted bought in. For the amount of dishes we ordered and the jug of Sangria, the bill itself was reasonable. However, we left feeling disappointed, and our heads hung low.


from the minging egg smelling ice cubes to the sangria (pretty much just red wine) and the arguing old man dressed like dracula with his russian young blonde. Dark, dungeon of a restaurant (side junk room visible) with dirty little tapas. Euch! but sooooooo funny. Especially when suzie had to hold the special board up for us for agesssssssssss.


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