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Good Gym

So I’ve signed up for the Good Gym.

I heard about it from watching the catch up of live stream from TEDxHackney on saturday 14th April. A band of speakers brought together on the theme of ‘Happiness’.

Here’s the spiel:

The Good Gym provides meaningful ways to exercise. It connects people who want to get fit with physical tasks that need to be done, and which benefit the community. We can do anything from shifting rubble, and planting gardens to making deliveries and friendly visits to older people.

Group runs:
We run regular group runs during which we stop and help local community organisations. Over the past year we’ve cleared land for a community garden, moved rubble, tided up community centres, shifted soil on allotments, helped a school to make a new vegetable patch, moved books around the library and decorated community centres for Christmas.

I quite like the sound of a group run – as long as i’m not the only one panting like a hound dog at the back (smokers you’re with me) and i like the sound of doing some good.

What could go wrong eh? Meeting next monday in Bethnal Green. Actually quite scared.

Watch this space…………


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