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I pussyed out on my run for the good gym.

Thinking ‘Surely they won’t run and shift soil in this weather”, so i stayed on at work.

I was wrong. I got a reply to say they were.

And after speaking with nicola and her telling me that she and her beau went for a run tonight together, I feel like even more of fatty boom boom.

But on a positive note, i tried out wearing the trainers i’d bought for said occasion and apart from the fashion faux of it all (cringe, shudder – even got a frown from a passing stranger) they felt lovely and springy!

Also on a positive note, I’ll be getting my new phone on wednesday! So i’ll be able to get far more active again with my blogging and photo’s!

Hopefully I can fill the rest of my week completing other good deeds to make amends…….



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