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knocking up cushion covers

Making thai silk cushion covers on a monday night……what an exciting life i lead………….

(if you need to know how to make……literally pull a pillow case out your airing cupboard and have a look at that.)

But in fairly simple steps……

1) lay out your fabric and turn the top over about 1cm, iron flat and hem.

2) have this side facing down when you lie it flat again, bring the bottom end up  leaving a good 6in at the top over hanging

3) fold this over over hang back on itself (lie the inside of the pillowcase) – this is the bit that will tuck over the pad inside.

4) place a cushion cover you already on the fabric and chalk lines either side of it’s width.

5) place a couple of pins down the sides to keep in place

6) using the machine, sew down each side following your chalk lines, remembering to sew forward and reverse at each end to stop any fraying.

7) turn inside out, place pad inside and tuck lip over the pad! voila! done!



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  1. Very pretty! And I have the same sewing machine! 🙂


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