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And that’s how you do it folks…..

All this

in there

Complete with toiletries, make up, undies, diary and chargers!

1 playsuit

2 short dresses

1 long dress

several vests/tops

bra tops

2 bikinis

2 shorts

2 flats

1 scarf

a cardy




rainy day purchase

How are you supposed buy any new clothes or shoes with the weather pissing it down or pissing around?


old skooool convo

Staying at my folks place last saturday night, as I had a wee outing with the girls and the club was around the corner.

mum: what time are you going out?

me: about 9.30


to be fair, i didn’t help the situ by rolling in past 2, very worse for wear.

karma bit my arse back…..with an enormous hangover.

notes to note:

new top – saino’s – bargainous at £18

new nail colour – ‘Diva coral’, max factor and lippy to match ‘pink brandy’

Hula hoop – benefit (bought with b’day vouch) has somehow managed to make me look as orange as! even though she promised it had no orange pigment in it. Apparently you can layer the powder on to build the desired ‘natural brown tan’ effect. Effing liar! #blameitonthecamera

delicish signature nancy drew cocktail – Lychee martini.


Birthday party dress….done!

Wahoo! I’ve had my eye on this rude girl for a while now and have finally secured delivery for tomorrow!

After a wee email over to hannah@18andeast, as i couldn’t find it in my size on any stockist website! she neatly directed me to a stockist who did!

Big time cocktail coming to hannah soon!

The best bit……in the sale!

now….wearing with tights?

Here’s the bumf from the label…..

18 AND EAST is the hot new independent womenswear brand set to enhance the way you dress forever.
Inspired by the vibrant music, fashion, blog and film scenes in and around East London; 18 AND EAST is for the girl who has a strong sense of individual style and a voracious lust for life. Feminine shapes and styling with sexy, edgy pieces make for a collection that ticks all your style boxes. Stunning prints ranging from delicate birds and bold florals to more abstract prints decorate key pieces to incorporate a signature feel.  All of 18 AND EAST’s prints are unique and designed in house.     18 AND EAST is for the girl who has a passion for life and style; from vintage shopping and scouring boot fairs for ‘That’ item to flicking through style magazines for inspiration – individuality is always at the forefront. We believe in real fashion for real girls so all of our models are real people. Bursting at the seams with fabulous styles and pieces that will get you noticed, 18 AND EAST is not just a fashion brand – it’s a way of life.


Cooky Bag® – The innovative bag/apron! | Idea.

Boys never make passes at girls who wear glasses

Bad boy

Check out this new bad boy en route to me tomorrow!

Finallllllyyyyyy decided to invest in something v.v.v.v.warm for winter.

I am allergic to the cold. It’s medical. It’s a fact.

(don’t smirk)