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The good old days

Just had a good old chat with a 69 year old lady from the island of Dominique in the West Indies at the bus stop.

After we both had a collective whinge about the changeable weather, she was reminiscing about when she first arrived here in the 1960s aged 18!

She couldn’t believe how much England has changed since then.

In her words ‘Nobody wants to know you anymore, no one wants to have a chat at the bus stop, no one will borrow you a cup of milk and there are no parties on saturday nights anymore.’

‘People used to have sing a longs in pubs, parties in basements and everyone was hungry to know each other.’ she said with a naughty smile and a glint in her eye.

‘The good old days they were…well, it was nice talking with you.’


A glass of port

on the garden deck and i’m thinking ‘I wish I could time travel back to June 15th’

meanwhile back on the farm….the raspberry plot has doubled in size and one single solitary strawberry has blossomed into a big fat juicy jewel.

I’ve decided i am definitly solar powered. Exactly like the strawberry.

The return to work was filled questions about my travels and updates of the business. My heart though was still eating gelato in Palermo and gazing at the stars in Cala Nova.

Isn’t it a cruel game that our minds play with us, reinforcing all those memories into one solid yellow brick road.

I have revisited my bucket list and I’m deciding what to do next……..


Lists lists lists

To do list
To find out list
Packing list
Remember list

Queen of lists

Checking things off the list……

Booked it, packed it…..

From here (stansted)

to here (Palermo, Sicily)

back to here and out again

to here (Ibiza)

I’ve finally booked my adventure! (gulp)

One whole week of chasing the sun!

Yours truly

So he took the crunchie……..

and the brown bin rubbish…..

Does this mean I have to keep leaving crunchies taped to the bin lid?