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And that’s how you do it folks…..

All this

in there

Complete with toiletries, make up, undies, diary and chargers!

1 playsuit

2 short dresses

1 long dress

several vests/tops

bra tops

2 bikinis

2 shorts

2 flats

1 scarf

a cardy





6 shots of black sambuca and a brazillian wax later, i’m now enroute to pick up my keys.

Which i left at the salon.

Left because i was definitly on the swaying scale beforehand? or from post traumatic disorder syndrone after?

waxed in places i never even knew hair existed.

“i don’t like hair” my eastern european S&M wax mistress said.

We then discussed the finer points of ‘The Alchemist’ in between her frowns and my winces (silently mouthing FUCK)

v.v.v.good offer from Ojon

  A bloody great offer from Ojon™ UK l What’s New & Special Offers.

My mum uses this, it’s v.v.v.expensive and i always try to sneak a little when i’m home.

I can totes vouch for it’s volume range, it made my hair dead, dead volumious (that a word?)

So along with getting a ‘proper’ purse and paying my bills on time, purchasing some of the range is another foray in to the grown up world.

Getting a basket together worth £20 (new conditioner + dry shampoo), I’ve got a full size volume shampoo, conditioner, 1 travel/wash bag and 2 free samples)

I mean – the 2 full size bottle alone are worth nearly £40.

Totes amaze!

some days i wish i wore a uniform

or maybe just had cher’s closet and computer.


I got ID’d for tobacco today….IN YOUR FACE 29!!!!

must listen to more radio

Strange how i’m listening to BBC – Desert Island Discs – Castaway : Jackie Mason and eating a smoked salmon/cream cheese sandwich.

great first choice for a song

London morning

Just got home from work. It’s 7.37……AM.

First full night shift.

Wonder what i’ll dream!