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Garden makeover!

Big thanks to all the helpers of the saturday gardening/makeover club!

What could have taken a slow year took one afternoon, including weeding, planting, sorting, heaving pots, painting of sheds etc

Food, music, friends, warm climate and earthy hands – what could be better?

Before and after pics coming soon, but here’s some action shots!

Please note the second generation raspberry/pistachio cheesecake (double the measurements!)

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Watching ‘the taming of the shrew’ on BBC Iplayer.

My god, Elizabeth Taylor was be-a-utiful.

If I was 15 again…..

I would definitly ‘get’ the Zac Efron thing.

Hell………. I’m 28 and I can see it now.


Wow. I just watched the video on the tresco website. Sometimes I can’t quite believe I lived there. Wow.

full on stevie nicks crush

Wow, makes me want dance to the beat

Totally addicted to Empire of the sun