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Not quite ready

To go back to London…..

(Big sigh)


And that’s how you do it folks…..

All this

in there

Complete with toiletries, make up, undies, diary and chargers!

1 playsuit

2 short dresses

1 long dress

several vests/tops

bra tops

2 bikinis

2 shorts

2 flats

1 scarf

a cardy




6 shots of black sambuca and a brazillian wax later, i’m now enroute to pick up my keys.

Which i left at the salon.

Left because i was definitly on the swaying scale beforehand? or from post traumatic disorder syndrone after?

waxed in places i never even knew hair existed.

“i don’t like hair” my eastern european S&M wax mistress said.

We then discussed the finer points of ‘The Alchemist’ in between her frowns and my winces (silently mouthing FUCK)

Lists lists lists

To do list
To find out list
Packing list
Remember list

Queen of lists

Checking things off the list……

New addiction….

Checking the weather forecast for palermo!!!!

Booked it, packed it…..

From here (stansted)

to here (Palermo, Sicily)

back to here and out again

to here (Ibiza)

I’ve finally booked my adventure! (gulp)

One whole week of chasing the sun!

Yours truly

So he took the crunchie……..

and the brown bin rubbish…..

Does this mean I have to keep leaving crunchies taped to the bin lid?