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Garden makeover!

Big thanks to all the helpers of the saturday gardening/makeover club!

What could have taken a slow year took one afternoon, including weeding, planting, sorting, heaving pots, painting of sheds etc

Food, music, friends, warm climate and earthy hands – what could be better?

Before and after pics coming soon, but here’s some action shots!

Please note the second generation raspberry/pistachio cheesecake (double the measurements!)

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While we’re on the subject

In no particular order, a run down of my latest obssesions:

My new glasses

I pulled a few faces before this shot. But decided against anything that portrayed my lunacy on camera. I’m thinking I can definitly rock the -perched on the end of my nose, secretary look?

Toasted fruitbread

Anything along the lines of toasted fruitbread/hot cross bun. Especially the famous starbucks toasted fruit bread w/butter & jam. The staff in these places are ridiculously friendly, kudos to their training programme. Maybe that’s how it used to be in Macdonalds? In 1956.

Zooey Deschanel

Fo Sho. Caught up on pretty much every episode of ‘New girl’. I feel an affinity with that character more than maybe carrie bradshaw. Because let’s be fair – everyone wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. Jess in ‘New Girl’ rocks a skirt, wavy hair, great eye make up and optimism to the enth.


More pictures to come, but I am kitting out the floor space at work with more foliage than you can shake a tree stump at.

Aloe Vera’s, Venus fly traps, grasses, and some beautiful pussy willow, blossom and sunflowers.

I’m doing my darndest to water and take care of these babies. I noticed one of the wee fly traps had actually caught a fly!

I was so proud!!!!!

Finally realising how amazing Susan Boyle is and weird it is that she’s now famous.

I mean seriously – bloody amazing voice. Goosebump stuff.

Current annoyances:

The bloody porn/gambling pop ups that just POP UP everytime i try to find a new link to a show on!!!!

I still haven’t remembered to pick up nurofen or go to the bank or pick up eye make up remover.

Never being able to think of good shit to download on my music player on my phone when i’m bored on the train.

Anyone I happen to pass in Walthamstow.

Wearing an apron to comb the cat. Yes – wearing an apron to comb the cat. Euch!