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Xmas Crafting!

How to create beautiful Xmas present wrapping from a mailing kit!

Hope everyone enjoys the unwrapping!


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Feeling very xmassy at work today. New batch of chai done, decs up, xmas cd on. Lush.

Xmas tights


Looking good!

To earn some extra xmas mullah

Babysitting last night. Why anyone thinks that’s a saddo thing to do is nuts. It’s the first time i’ve sat down all week and i got to watch a dvd in peace! The kids were enraptured, Chronicles of narnia was wicked.

New winter wardrobe!


Lush new wooly tights. Lush. I love em. Aztec, xmas and plain print. Lush I tell you.



Who else used to write bash out their xmas lists as a kid with the argos catalogue?  (including page and cat number)