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Cross over

for my new blog ”The Perseverance – in Italy”

This will be my carry on to my next step!

I am leaving London for Italy!




Not quite ready

To go back to London…..

(Big sigh)

Please Mr Binman sir,

Have just taped a very lovely note to the bin man, asking him to take away my garden rubbish just in case i needed to bag it first. Also the extra 2 bags sitting near it.

 I even taped 2 crunchies to the bin lid. That should do the trick no?

I mean…..I wouldn’t personally eat anything that was taped to bin lid, even if it was foil wrapped. But maybe it will do the trick!

Amoungst other things

I haven’t done my nails for tomorrow,

nor have i packed a bag, washed my hair or made the bed.

Massive wake up early, maybe 6am?

must remember to eat, must remember to eat.

I am so tired, I need to crawl under the unmade duvet/bed, get my lenses out.

Could i wash and blow dry my hair now?

No effing way.

This is what bliss looks like


Tired is

eye rubbing, neck tilting, knee scratching, hair tucking, pistachio nibbling, mouth yawning…….